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Technical Literature

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308 Built-In Mechanical Filter in a Shock Accelerometer
332 High-temperature piezoelectric pressure transducers for combustor pulsation monitoring
307 An Accelerometer with Internal Self-Test and Identification
293 A Shock Amplifier Evaluation
290 Zeroshift of Piezoelectric Accelerometers in Pyroshock Measurements
270 Noise Suppression and Prevention in Piezoelectric Transducer Systems
259 Development and Application of a 0.14 gm Piezoelectric Accelerometer
240 Comparison Shock Motion Calibration
338 Media Compatibility 8500 Series Pressure Transducers
334 High-g shock triaxial accelerometer a smaller more cost-effective solution to making triaxial measurements
331 A new low frequency variable capacitive flight test accelerometer
328 Practical understanding of key accelerometer specifications
327 Steps to selecting the right accelerometer
326 Practical considerations using IEPE accelerometers with modern data acquisition systems
324 Practical Considerations of Accelerometer Noise
323 Understanding the Endevco VC Accelerometer Electrical Characteristics
321 Acceleration Levels Of Dropped Objects
320 ISOTRON and Charge Mode Piezoelectric Accelerometers Pros & Cons
319 Guide to Accelerometer Installation
317 Thermal Isolation of Accelerometers
315 ENDEVCO's Mixed-Mode Smart Transducer System in Multi Channel Vibration Measurement
313 The Detrimental Effect of a Rubber O-Ring on a 10-32/10-32 Cable Connection
312 Guide to Adhesively Mounting Accelerometers
310 Mass Loading in Back-to-Back Reference Accelerometers
303 Miniature Accelerometers for Measuring Inertial Motions and Surviving High G Shock Inputs
301 Miniature Silicon-on-Insulator Pressure Transducer for Absolute Pressure Measurement at 260ºC
299 Minimizing Measurement Uncertainty in Calibration and Use of Accelerometers
298 ENDEVCO's Model 12 PICOCHIP™ Accelerometer Surface Mount Technology Accelerometer
296 Shock and Vibration Measurement Using Variable Capacitance
292 Automated Accelerometer Calibration from 1 Hz to 50 kHz
291 Accelerometer Selection by Application
282 Accelerometer Characteristics Utilizing Natural and Ferroelectric Crystals
281 Miniature Pressure Transducers for Use to 300º C
280 Application Of Silicon Strain Gauge Technology To Aerospace Acceleration And Pressure Measurements
279 Reducing Transient Thermal Sensitivity of Silicon Diaphragm Pressure Transducers
278 Microphone Talk
277 Basic Advantages of the Anisotropic Etched, Transverse Gage Pressure Transducer
272 Instrumentation for the Measurement of Vibration in Severe Environments, such as Nuclear Reactors
268 Compendium On Meggitt’s Endevco Diffused Piezoresistive Transducers
267 A Diffused Silicon Pressure Transducer With Stress Concentrated At Transverse Gages
258 Vibration Instrumentation For Nuclear Reactors
254 Accelerometers Developed For Vibration Measurement At High Temperature
251 Accelerometer Calibration with Reciprocity Vibration Standard
250 Accelerometer Characteristics Used In Transient Motion And Nuclear Applications
249 Examination of Pump Cavitation, Gear Mesh, and Blade Performance Using External Vibration Characteristics
247 A Differential Piezoelectric Accelerometer Charge System
245 Current Piezoelectric Technology
243 Accelerometers For Shock And Vibration Measurements
241 Vibration Standards For Performing Comparison Calibrations
239 Applications Of Piezoresistance To Externally Excited Transducers
235 Piezoelectic Transducer Failure Modes And Effects
233 Accurate Accelerometer Calibrations By Absolute And Comparison Method
232 A New Method of Evaluating the Acoustic Response of Piezoelectric Accelerometers
229 Sensitivity Comparison Of Transducer Mechanisms
228 Instrumentation For Shock And Vibration Measurements
227 Transducers For Dynamic Measurements
223 Calibrators For Acceptance And Qualification Testing Of Vibration Instruments
221 Reliability Of A Single-Degree-Of-Freedom Mechanical System
219 Basics of Shock and Vibration Theory
218 Effects of Mounting on Accelerometer Response
216 Piezoelectric Transducer Calibration Simulation Method Using Series Voltage Insertion
214 The Accurate Measurement of Shock Phenomena
213 Shock Motions and Their Measurement
210 Mechanical Impedance And Mobility Useful But Unused
203 Instruments And Methods For Measuring Mechanical Impedance
202 Mechanical Impedance Testing
201 Effects Of High Intensity Acoustic Fields On Crystal Vibration Pickups
200 Performance of Three 500° F Crystal Accelerometers
342 Single-Mode Damping vs. Multi-Mode Damping
343 Amplitude Linearity Measurement and Damped Accelerometer
341 Miswiring piezoresistive accelerometers and pressure transducers
340 Understanding the Importance of the Accelerometer's Center of Seismic Mass
339 Considerations for using charge amplifiers with high temperature piezoelectric accelerometers