Legacy products

Legacy products are preserved on endevco.com for the convenience of our customers, but are no longer available for purchase. However, product data sheets will remain available for download.

Model number Description Data sheet
12M1A High performance piezoelectric accelerometer Download
12M9 High performance piezoelectric accelerometer Download
61C12 and 61C13 i-TEDS accelerometer Download
751-10 and 751-100 Isotron accelerometer Download
752A12 and 752A13 Isotron accelerometer Download
2771B Remote charge converter Download
2947B Calibration capacitor Download
3060A Standard high impedance cable assemblies Download
7251AHT-500M1 Small piezoelectric Isotron accelerometer Download
7702A, 7702A-17, 7702A-50 Isoshear piezoelectric accelerometer Download
35771 Programmable filter Download
Model number Description Instruction Manual
2775A Signal conditioner Download
2775AM4 Signal conditioner Download
2793 Signal conditioner Download
2792B Signal conditioner Download
4428 Pressure indicator Download