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Variable capacitance (VC) accelerometers are DC-response sensors for measuring low frequency vibration, motion (constant acceleration) and tilt. With gas damping and internal over-range stops, Endevco VC accelerometers are capable of measuring whole body motion immediately after being subjected to a shock motion, even in the presence of severe vibrational inputs and variable temperatures.

Piezoresistive (PR) accelerometers are ideal for measuring impacts and shock events. Typical applications include automotive crash testing, commercial drop testing and high g weapons testing. These highly specialized MEMS sensing elements are micro-machined at the facility in Sunnyvale, California. Some units are damped to prevent ringing, while others are undamped to provide high bandwidth. Multiple package configurations support the mounting requirements of a variety of applications.

Angular rate sensors measure relative rotational motion directly and provide an output in degrees per second. This measurement of angular velocity offers great improvement over the previous method of using three accelerometers and doing complex calculations. Multiple ranges are provided to enable measurement of slow or fast moving events.

Miniature piezoresistive pressure sensors measure both dynamic and static pressure in process control applications, blast testing, automotive airbag testing, rocket motor analysis, jet engine inlet pressure measurements, transmission testing and hydraulics measurements. A four-arm strain gage bridge MEMS sensing element, implanted into a sculpted diaphragm, offers wideband frequency response with exceptional sensitivity for improved resolution, high resonance frequency, exceptional linearity and hysteresis performance.

Endevco offers a comprehensive family of high-performance electronics, ranging from simple battery operated signal conditioners to computer-controlled laboratory quality instrumentation. They are compatible with Endevco’s own IEPE, PE, VC and PR accelerometers and pressure sensors, as well as those commonly available in industry.

Piezoelectric (PE) accelerometers are charge-mode accelerometers that require the use of an external charge amplifier. This allows for long term, reliable operation over wide temperature and amplitude ranges. These accelerometers are ideal for use in extreme environment conditions, from cryogenic to extreme-high temperatures and in radiation environments. They are offered in a wide variety of sizes and configurations.

Integrated Electronics Piezo-Electric (IEPE) accelerometers feature an integral electronic charge converter. Integrated electronics eliminate the need for in-line amplifiers and specialty cable.

Piezoelectric microphones measure high-intensity acoustic noise parameters and very low pressure fluctuations. Hermetically sealed units operate over a wide temperature range and are insensitive to altitude changes and ambient vibration.

For optimal performance, Endevco relies upon in-house expertise to design and manufacture its own cables and connectors. Off-the-shelf and custom assemblies include low-noise treated, hightemperature and multi-conductor options.