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New six degrees of freedom sensor characterizes motion

IRVINE, Calif., USA – April 9, 2019 – Endevco has released the Model 7360A, a six degrees of freedom (6DoF) sensor that provides analog output for three axes of acceleration and three axes of rate sensors in a compact, roughly one inch cube package. As opposed to inertial measurement units (IMU’s) which are not user-friendly in a test and measurement environment, this device offers the convenience and flexibility of any analog output sensor.

In typical dynamic measurements, acceleration and angular rate data are essential parameters needed to fully characterize the complex behavior of a moving object. Until recently, engineers can only conveniently gather information using linear accelerometers because the massive array of sensors required to collect rotational data was impractical due to the expense and space required. With this new 6DoF sensor, professionals in automotive and aircraft development are now able to measure linear and rotational dynamics that previously required multiple sensors and much more space. Rather than having to make assumptions about these dynamic interactions, the 7360A provides reliable, empirical data to support the analytical results. The 7360A
offers low acceleration ranges and low angular rate ranges most suitable for accurately characterizing motion.

The 7360A provides differential output and two 12 wire cables to simplify connection to data acquisition systems. Further, it is calibrated in its final assembly configuration to ensure accurate performance.

Key features include:
– Five accelerometer ranges from 2g to 500g
– Six rate ranges from 100 deg/sec to 18,000 deg/sec
– 5,000g shock protection
– Accurate operation in a shock environment
– Wide excitation voltage (specify M1 for 5V operation)

The 7360A is shipped with calibration certificates and includes mounting screws and washers for installation. Calibration is A2LA certified and is both RoHS compliant and CE approved.

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