Endevco accelerometers are the industry standard for high g shock measurement.  These accelerometers are small, lightweight, easy to install and can take shocks up to 200,000g’s.  Our piezoresistive shock accelerometers are essential in measuring accurate Shock Response Spectrum.  As a result, they are frequently specified for applications involving weapons testing, explosions and missile penetration studies.

Weapons and rocket testing7270A, 7280A, 7274, 136, 7250A
High shock data recorders74, 75
Pyroshock testing7255A, 7280A, 7280AM4, 7284
Fuze/safe and arm72
Mechanical shock and impact7270A, 7280A, 2255B, 2225M5A, 133
Blast testing8511A

Sensor features that may be critical in weapons testing

  • Damped or undamped versions
  • Minimal zero shift after shock
  • High over range and survivability
  • SMT versions for embedded applications
  • Low power consumption