Endevco’s shock accelerometers have long been the industry standard for reliable measurements in extreme high g environments. Our piezoresistive MEMS accelerometers are DC responding with minimal zero shift to avoid integration errors which is critical to the quality of your measurements. In-house MEMS capability enables compact size, high sensitivity and exceptional over-range while ensuring the repeatability and reliability required for mission critical applications. Our newest generation of gas damped accelerometers are the world’s most survivable and come in multiple packages including single axis or triaxial configurations; screw, stud and surface mounting options, with our newest products fully SMT compatible.


Weapons and Missile Testing - Pedigree in shock measurement, we established the world standard in high g accelerometer up to 200,000g range

7270A, 7270AM7, 7274

High G Data Recorders - Miniature accelerometer in leadless chip carrier (LCC) packages, in single or triaxial configurations suitable for SMD mounting

72, 75

Pyroshock Simulation & Testing - Damped MEMS accelerometers recommended for near and mid-field shock measurements

7280AM7, 7284A

Mechanical Shock Testing - Damped and undamped MEMS accelerometers up to 60,000g, suitable for measuring high energy metal-to-metal impact

7270A, 7280A

Fuze/Safe & Arm - MEMS accelerometers in SMT packaging designed for PCB mounting

71M, 74

Blast Testing - Miniature pressure sensors to measure structural loading by shock waves resulting from blast explosions

8511A, 8510B-200, 8510B-500, 8510B-2000, 8510C, 8530C