Calibration services

Many types of calibrations are available, including absolute vibration calibration for the lowest uncertainty, as well as comparison techniques for shock and vibration.

Endevco can also perform customized calibrations including environmental calibrations to verify amplitude linearity or frequency, or high shock impact testing. Our calibration team is committed to providing the most accurate calibrations available with conformance to the National Metrology Institute (NMI: NIST, PTB, etc.). All calibration services are A2LA accredited.

NEW Free calibration program

When you buy any of our standard catalog accelerometers, you will receive your first factory calibration for free. Just go to the RMA page to fill out an RMA form and follow the instructions when you are ready.

NEW Free extended warranty program

When you send us your standard catalog accelerometer for a paid calibration, you will receive an extended warranty for one additional year if it passes the calibration.

Annual calibration is recommended for accelerometers and their associated instrumentation to ensure the continued accuracy of your dynamic measurements. Accelerometer calibration is available from the same people who design, build, and calibrate hundreds of accelerometers on a daily basis. Calibration is conducted by qualified technicians who are under the supervision of our experienced Engineering staff. Endevco offers a wide selection of calibration services to meet your needs. These include simple back-to-back calibrations and highly accurate absolute calibrations.

For those that require the highest levels of reporting, services are available with comprehensive reports that include a description of methods used, the reference standards used and their current calibration dates, report numbers and traceability to the National Metrology Institute (NMI: NIST, PTB, etc.), the estimated uncertainty of the calibrations, the temperature and humidity during the calibrations. The report also includes measurement data points and a graphical display of output data. Additionally, fast turnaround services are available that supply a standard one page calibration certificate.

For vibration services, Endevco uses precision, low noise air bearing shakers with a beryllium armature to ensure the highest accuracy with high frequency capabilities. We can also perform a resonance search to further determine the condition of the sensor. Endevco designed equipment is used to test cross-axis sensitivity, another important test of the accelerometers performance. For shock services, Endevco equipment is used for testing up to 100,000 gs.

You can fill out our online RMA form which will give you more detail on where to send your equipment.