Our products can be counted on consistently to reliably perform according to manufacturer’s published specifications, over an extended period of time, providing a lower total cost of ownership and enhanced value.

To make it even easier to do business with us, Endevco offers a number of incentive programs. These range from unparalleled product warranties, to stocking and availability guarantees, to competitor trade-in allowances and test fixture upgrade discounts. All are designed to provide even greater confidence, reliability and performance when choosing Endevco® transducers and electronic instrumentation for your application requirements.

The following is a partial list of some of our most popular incentive programs. For more information about these and other incentives, please click on the links below, or contact your local Endevco sales representative.

2 year warranty plan

We make sure that you get what you pay for! In early 2009, Endevco was the first in the industry to offer a true 2-year product warranty across all of its transducers and electronic instrumentation lines, worldwide. This warranty is without hidden loopholes or “fine print.” It is simply, the confidence we have placed in our own product performance, and in turn, the same trust we invite our customers to place in us.

2 year warranty plan

Get added reliability and value for your application by making the switch to the Endevco® brand! Send us your working or non-working competitive product, let us help you to find the best standard product replacement for your application, and receive a 15% trade-in discount, issued simultaneously with your product purchase. Our trade-in allowance is applicable across all Endevco® standard product offerings. Purchases under the CTi program are also still covered by Endevco®‘s 5-year product warranty. Contact Customer Service for more details at 1-949-487-7181.

Notes: In the interest of continuous quality improvement, Endevco reserves the right to change published program terms at will, and without prior notification. CTi program offerings cannot be combined with any other discount offer.

2 year warranty plan

If you are ordering from a university/college you will receive a 15% discount. “University or College” must be in the name of the ordering account.