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June 7, 2018

New multi-mode damped triaxial accelerometer for World SID crash test dummies

IRVINE, Calif., USA – June 7, 2018 – Meggitt Sensing Systems, a division of Meggitt PLC, has
released the Model 7268D triaxial accelerometer for the World SID anthropomorphic test dummy.
Following a recent breakthrough in MEMS design, this device features multi-mode gas damping to
eliminate interference from unwanted ringing and provides a more accurate measurement.

This upgraded design also offers better survivability and signal-to-noise ratio compared to other
sensors in the auto safety marketplace. The Endevco 7268D is a “drop-in” replacement for the
undamped 7268C currently in use and provides superior performance while maintaining the same
center of seismic mass - a feature that is vitally important for dummy installation.

The expanded cold and hot temperature range facilitates testing in a broader range of
environments. In addition, the standard 5 and 10 V calibration ensures ease of system integration,
as you can use the sensitivity and ZMO that match your desired input voltage for the best data

Key features:
- Multi-mode gas damping
- 0.2 mV/g sensitivity
- Rugged to 10,000 g shock
- Supplied with 5 V and 10 V calibration
- Wide operating temperature range (-40 to 100 °C)

The 7268D is SAE J211/J2570 compliant and meets or exceeds CE and RoHS standards. Each
unit is shipped with a mounting screw and washer as well as a calibration certificate. Quality
control is maintained through in-house fabrication of the MEMS sensor to final test with certified,
in-house calibration systems.

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