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New 200 g range added to popular 7298 triaxial accelerometer

IRVINE, Calif. – October 18, 2018 – Meggitt Sensing Systems, a division of Meggitt PLC, has announced an extended range for the 7298 triaxial accelerometer. In response to customer requests the latest design can measure up to 200 g, perfect for applications such as flutter, flight, ride quality, road load and suspension testing. Within each of these applications, the hermetic sealing and watertight cable options make the 7298 ideal for permanent outdoor installations.

In addition to its new high g range capability, the 7298 provides a broad usable bandwidth, accuracy over temperature extremes, suppression of unwanted resonance and the capability to make a low g measurement immediately after high g shock events.

Key features include:• 200 g range
• Frequency response 0 to 1,500 Hz +/-5%
• Precision temperature compensation
• 10,000 g shock survivability
• Gas damping
• Unit is hermetically sealed
• Watertight electrical connection when used with 3907 mating cable

Internal signal conditioning provides a wide range of power compatibility as the 7298 can operate from an excitation voltage of 6 Vdc to 45 Vdc while providing a high level, low impedance output. For each axis, this device offers a single-ended output that linearly varies from 0.5 Vdc to 4.5 Vdc over the input range. Applications requiring differential mode operation can access a precision 2.5 Vdc reference voltage at the connector that provides a DC coupled ±2 Vdc differential output.

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