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October 19, 2017


Meggitt introduces accelerometer without resonance for automotive safety testing

IRVINE, Calif., USA – Oct.19, 2017 – Meggitt Sensing Systems, a Meggitt division and leader in sensing and monitoring systems for extreme environments, has launched a new MEMS based accelerometer featuring multi-mode damping.  Target applications include pedestrian safety, military vehicle testing or any test measuring a high frequency impact.

The new Endevco model 7264H-2K, which is small in size and mass, has no significant resonance out to 20,000Hz and unlike fluid-damped sensors, performs consistently over temperatures ranging from - 18°C to + 66°C (0°F to + 150°F).  Utilizing a breakthrough MEMS design, the 7264H-2K has a much wider bandwidth compared to conventional fluid-damped sensors.

Key features:

  • Frequency response flat from DC to 6,000Hz
  • Full scale range of 2000g
  • 10,000g shock capacity
  • 4g weight

The 7264H-2K has a two-active-arm, full-bridge circuit with fixed completion resistors to facilitate shunt calibration. The 7264H-2K comes standard with 2, 5 and 10 volt calibration data.

Demo units are available upon request.

For more information on the complete Endevco product line and to buy online, visit Visit for full details on all Meggitt Sensing Systems products.