Press Releases

December 17, 2012

Featured Product: New 65HTLPF high-temperature ISOTRON® triaxial accelerometer with integral two-pole low-pass filtering

Meggitt Sensing Systems, a Meggitt group division, has announced the global market introduction of the Endevco® 65HTLPF-10-XX miniature triaxial ISOTRON® (IEPE-type) accelerometer with integral two-pole lowpass filtering.

This low-impedance transducer is designed for test and measurement applications requiring high-temperature operation, resonance suppression and the effective attenuation of high-frequency, high-g signals which can otherwise obscure required low-frequency data and saturate electronics. The model suffix –XX denotes the customer designated low-pass filter corner frequency at –3 dB. Of the two available standard options, the Endevco® 65HTLPF-10-02 features a 2 kHz corner frequency; while the Endevco® 65HTLPF-10-10 features a 10 kHz corner frequency. Other frequencies are available upon request.

Offering a 10 mV/g sensitivity, the Endevco® 65HTLPF-10-XX offers high-reliability vibration and acceleration measurements across three orthogonal axes in continuous temperatures of up to +175°C (+347°F) without requirement for a separate charge amplifier. Units are packaged within a 10 mm welded titanium cube with interface via a robust 4-pin Microtech connector, for a compact and lightweight footprint that weighs just 5 grams. The Endevco® 65HTLPF-10 incorporates Meggitt’s own proprietary piezoelectric sensing elements for high performance and stability, with excellent amplitude and phase frequency response. Constant current accelerometer power travels through the same pins as the low-impedance output signals. Temporary petro-wax adhesive and a ten-foot cable assembly with BNC connectors are provided as standard accessories, with an optional mounting block also sold separately. In addition, this product is fully compliant to the European Union Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC and EMC Directive 2004/108/EC and is eligible to bear the CE Mark.

Endevco® 65HTLPF-10-XX units are accompanied by a comprehensive five-year product warranty, with quantities now available for immediate shipment. Designated models are also available at specially discounted rates under the –R replacement sensors program.