What special considerations should I take to properly integrate and mount my 2222C transducer to get the best results?


The 2222C is a light weight, high g, Piezoelectric transducer and is an excellent choice for modal testing and analysis. Its light weight minimizes any mass loading influences that might result from larger sensors but still provides excellent response to short-duration, high g events. Taking precautions to properly mount and connect the sensor will provide years of reliable and accurate response.

First, users need to be aware that the output cable connector on the 2222C is one of the smallest available and as such must be handled with care. The connector is so small that some users are actually unaware there is a connector at the transducer! This connector is threaded directly into the device's body, and its center terminal makes contact to an internal metallic spring connected to the piezoelectric crystal stack. Below is a checklist that will allow you to get the most out of your 2222C.

  • 1. Use the tool supplied in the 2222C's box to remove and insert this connector whenever needed.

  • 2. Make sure the threads mate correctly. Cross-threading this connector could damage the cable and/or the transducer.

  • 3. Make sure that the nub on the end of the cable is free of any foreign matter, including excess ETFE insulating material.

  • 4. Coat the nub and threads of the connector with a dab of the supplied silicon sealing compound (Endevco part number 16426).

  • 5. Do not over-torque the connector. Hand-tight is sufficient.

  • 6. Do not use Loctite® or any other thread locking compound on the connector.

The included adapter cable, 3093C-12, should also be used properly to maximize its lifetime.

  • 1. Secure the cable to the same item that the transducer is mounted to, less than 1 inch, but more than 1/2 inch from the 2222C (see the transducer cable management QuickTip in this same edition of the Measurement Endeavors newsletter).

  • 2. Depending on the g level, attach the remaining cable to the item that the transducer is mounted to every inch or so, ending 1/2 inch from the transition connector (female 10-32).

The main, 10 ft cable should be secured within the first inch after the transition connection, and then can be routed to a charge amplifier like the popular Endevco 133.