March 25, 2015. Presented by: Tim Hardin and Ray Rautenstrauch

  • Piezoresistive pressure transducers
  • Piezoresistive accelerometers
  • Variable capacitance accelerometers
  • Piezoelectric accelerometers
  • IEPE accelerometers
  • Differential output accelerometers

December 10, 2014. Presented by: Jim Mathews and Tim Hardin

  • Definition and sources of noise
  • Proper selection and installation of transducers: IEPE accelerometers, differential piezoelectric accelerometers, piezoresistive accelerometers, piezoresistive pressure sensors
  • Optimal installation of transducers, cabling, and general-test conditioners to minimize noise and ground loops

January 10, 2014. Presented by: Jim Mathews and Scott Mayo

  • Effects of varying installation parameters on accelerometer performance
  • Focus on frequency (amplitude) response
  • Mounted resonance frequency defined
  • High amplitude resonance peaks and measurement distortion
  • Ideal installation parameters
  • Key test set-up considerations
  • Conclusions and recommendations
  • Trends in technology development
  • Endevco pods multi-configuration mounting innovations