Meggitt provides products for flight test, inertial measurement, and pressure profiling including flutter testing, engine testing and static and dynamic vibration testing.  Our complete range of extreme environment accelerometers, microphones, airborne amplifiers and pressure transducers are used during ground, in-flight and on-board monitoring of aircraft engines.  We play a significant role as new engines are developed, certified and placed into production.

Our design and manufacturing engineers recognize that the world of transducer technology centers around engineering tradeoffs. Generally, the compromises are between the performance characteristics of the transducer and its environmental requirements or the constraints imposed by the phenomenon being measured. For aerospace testing, typical performance requirements are high sensitivity, wide-band frequency response and wide dynamic range. Common environmental problems are high and low temperature extremes, shock, vibration, moisture and thermal transients. Constraints are typically size and weight. Consequently, to meet the unique challenges faced by many of our customers, Meggitt routinely designs custom products using a wide range of technology platforms.

Engine testing6237M70, 6243M1, 6233C, 522M17, 522M37A, 2271A, 7722, 2777A
Flight test65, 7290E, 7298, 8515C, 2680
Ground vibration test (GVT)2221F, 7251A
Flutter test7290E
Component qualification testing2220E,35B, 8510B
Aerodynamic flow8515C, 8507C
Stage separation2255B, 7280A, 8540
Vibroacoustic2510, 2510M4A, 8510B
Launch vehicle testing7293A, 2222C

Sensor features that may be critical in aircraft/space vehicle testing

  • High temperature operation up to +760°C
  • Low temperature operation down to -269°C
  • Hermetically sealed
  • Low acoustic sensitivity
  • High full scale output
  • High over range protection
  • High stability