Several national governments have a means to protect inventions by excluding others from making, using or selling it for a set period of time. This is called a patent and is issued by a patent office. In order for a patent to be granted, the invention must meet several criteria, some of which include “newness”, utility and not something that would be obvious to someone working in the field.

The following table presents the US patent number and a brief description of the patent associated with Endevco. These range from accelerometers to pressure sensors to electronic assemblies to systems. Note: The patents are either Endevco’s or those granted using an Endevco part in the testing process to design the product.

Model number Description Data sheet
US-2002012401-A1 Transducer network bus Download
US-2002073783-A1 Pressure sensor Download
US-2002139410-A1 Thermal radiation sensor Download
US-2006199365-A1 Junction-isolated vias Download
US-2007212818-A1 Multi-layer device Download
US-2008072677-A1 Bending mode accelerometer Download
US-2008084269-A1 Highly sensitive piezoresistive element Download
US-2008129150-A1 High temperature sustainable piezoelectric sensors Download
US-2009000377-A1 Brain imapct measurement system Download
US-2009084196-A1 Flexural pivot for micro-sensors Download
US-2009139338-A1 Silicon sensing structure to detect through-plane motion Download
US-2009261432-A1 Interconnection system on a plane adjacent to a solid-state device structure Download
US-2012085170-A1 Shock resistant mounting for high g shock accelerometer Download
US-274542-A Fertilizing machine Download
US-275197-A Fire-escape Download
US-2903633-A Adjustable admittance unit Download
US-3040263-A Vacuum chopper system Download
US-3042744-A Testing system and insulated mounting therefor Download
US-3042819-A Differential counting system Download
US-3046469-A Transistor regulated power supply Download
US-3060333-A High capacity accelerometer Download
US-3075098-A Measuring shock and deceleration Download
US-3075099-A Spring arrangement for accelerometers Download
US-3089923-A Sectional digital switch Download
US-3104334-A Annular accelerometer Download
US-3104335-A Accelerometer Download
US-3130329-A Measuring system Download
US-3148335-A Gated demodulator apparatus Download
US-3185869-A Transducer Download
US-3210993-A Electromechanical transducer utilizing poisson ratio effects Download
US-3222919-A Mechanical impedance measuring system Download
US-3306993-A Sealed electronic digital switching structure Download
US-3307054-A Accelerometer Download
US-3351880-A Piezoresistive transducer Download
US-3356868-A Measuring system Download
US-3363471-A Accelerometer Download
US-3392576-A Semiconductor transducers Download
US-3397329-A Measuring system Download
US-3444499-A Strain gauge Download
US-3461730-A Accelerometer Download
US-3474526-A Transducer Download
US-3501732-A Semiconductive piezoresistive transducer having a grooved support with electrical contacts Download
US-3629773-A Transducer Download
US-3714476-A Compression accelerometer utilizing a lithium niobate piezoelectric crystal Download
US-3727084-A Acceleromter utilizing shear responsive x-cut lithium niobate Download
US-3858065-A Annular 3m class piezoelectric crystal transducer Download
US-4047144-A Transducer Download
US-4065970-A Diffused semiconductor pressure gauge Download
US-4093933-A Sculptured pressure diaphragm Download
US-4346914-A Acoustic emission automotive crash sensor Download
US-4400869-A Process for producing high temperature pressure transducers and semiconductors Download
US-4488240-A Vibration monitoring system for aircraft engines Download
US-4498229-A Piezoresistive transducer Download
US-4506551-A Transducer selecting system Download
US-4523964-A High temperature layered silicon structures Download
US-4574327-A Capacitive transducer Download
US-4605919-A Piezoresistive transducer Download
US-4608650-A Imbalance measuring system and method Download
US-4609968-A Glass inlays for use in bonding semiconductor wafers Download
US-4689600-A Piezoresistive transducer having frangible links Download
US-4737473-A Piezoresistive transducer Download
US-4793194-A Piezoresistive transducer Download
US-4825335-A Differential capacitive transducer and method of making Download
US-4935846-B1 Electronic assembly Download
US-4941243-A Method for assembling an annular shear accelerometer Download
US-4947690-A Acceletometers adapted for efficient connection and disconnection Download
US-4999735-A Differential capacitive transducer and method of making Download
US-5001441-A Operational transconductance amplifier programmable filter Download
US-5121064-A Method and apparatus for calibrating resistance bridge-type transducers Download
US-5214243-A High-temperature, low-noise coaxial cable assembly with high strength reinforcement braid Download
US-5220519-A Method and apparatus for self-testing a transducer system Download
US-5235237-A Surface-mount piezoceramic accelerometer and method for making Download
US-5915694-A Decoy utilizing infrared special material Download
US-5934610-A Vibration monitoring system for multiple aircraft engines Download
US-5997360-A Aircraft equipment configuration identification interface Download
US-6013108-A Intelligent sensor system with network bus Download
US-6027239-A On-board engine trim balance display and interface Download
US-6044700-A Aircraft equipment configuration identification interface guide Download
US-6593651-B1 Terminals for multi-layer devices Download
US-6987654-B2 Electrostatic discharge circuit Download
US-6988412-B1 Piezoresistive strain concentrator Download
US-7036378-B2 High and low frequency band dual output transducer Download
US-7658111-B2 Sensors with high temperature piezoelectric ceramics Download
US-7987716-B2 Coupled pivoted acceleration sensors Download