Endevco offers a comprehensive and reliable line of AC and DC accelerometers, rate sensors, pressure transducers, cables, electronics and accessories for use in high speed train design and development, rail safety, armored vehicle testing, shipboard monitoring, and off-road vehicle testing. Our specialized sensors are designed to withstand the demanding test condition on a wide variety of vehicles where there may be radiation, humidity, salt spray, electromagnetic fields, and extreme temperature.

Train Safety Testing - MEMS crash accelerometers for passenger safety testing and accident avoidance 701AH - 701FH 726CH
Train Ride Quality - High resolution DC accelerometers and 6 Degree-of-Freedom sensors for measuring cabin motion and vehicle dynamics 7290G, 773, 7360A, 770A - 770F
Military Vehicle Testing - High range pressure transducers and accelerometers to monitor structural responses of armored vehicles 65, 7280AM7, 8511A
Heavy Machinery Design & Test - Rugged pressure sensor, accelerometers designed to withstand the tough test environments 65HTLPF, 8540
Shipboard Condition Monitoring - Specialized accelerometers designed for radiation environment on warships and submarines 7259B, 7704A
Motorcycle/ATV R&D - Pressure sensors, accelerometers , and rate sensors suitable for test and development of off-road vehicles 65HT, 773, 7360A, 8510B