Power generation

Our sensors excel in high temperature, high stability in hostile environments including nuclear power plants. Endevco continues to develop new technologies for this dynamic market.

Combustion chamber performance testing 522M37A, 522M17
Turbine vibration measurements F3/6243M, 6237M70, 6233C, 2276, 2248M1
Pipe vibration measurements 2273AM1, 7703A, 522M37A, 2771C
Oil drilling tool testing and monitoring 7703A, 7704A, 2221F
Turbine exhaust pressure measurements 522M37A, 522M17
Monitoring in radiation environments 2280, 2273AM20, 6243M, 3097M1
Loose parts monitoring 6233C, 6243M, 6917B, 2771C
Wind turbine development and testing 5220B-100, 25A, 41A, 42A, 43A, 46A, 8515C

As turbines operate at elevated temperatures, this makes the operating temperature of the accelerometers a primary selection criteria.

The highest temperature unit offered by Endevco is the 6237M70 with an operating range to 1200˚F. Included with this accelerometer is a mounting screw (EH471) and hardline cable.

There are 3 accelerometers with slightly lower  maximum operating temperatures (900˚F) whose mounting configurations differ. The 6233C, features ARINC 3 point mounting, the 2276, stud mounting and the 2248M1 stud or flange mounting the 2248.

All these PE accelerometers require no external power supply. If needed, an optional charge amplifier (2721B) or in-line charge converter (2771C) is available.