Meggitt is the most trusted provider of dynamic measurements solutions offering a comprehensive and reliable line of transducers, cables, electronics and accessories for the testing and measurement of boats, trains, subways and off-road vehicles.

High speed train crash testing7264H
High speed train tilt/ride quality7290E, 8515C, 8530C, 2271A
Military vehicle testing7280A, 7264H, 44A, 7290EM5
Heavy machinery testing65HTLPF, 7290EM5, 2280
Shipboard machinery vibration7259B, 7704A, 2775B
Motorcycle/ATV engine development8510B, 8540, 65HT

Sensor features that may be critical in transportation development and testing

  • Low profile
  • Gas damping
  • High over range protection
  • Broad temperature ranges
  • Miniature size