Auto safety

Endevco’s accelerometers have been the industry standard for safety testing in anthropomorphic test dummies and on vehicle barrier and sled testing.  These accelerometers are the premier transducers that were used to create the original specifications from NHTSA and other governing agencies.  Continuing in technical leadership, Endevco crash sensors meet or exceed the requirements of SAE specifications J211 and J2570.

Anthropomorphic test devices (ATD)7264C, 7268C, 7302BM5
On-vehicle crash test7264H, 7287
Sled testing2262A, 7264C
Pedestrian safety testing7264H
Airbag testing8530BM37
Side impact testing7287

Sensor features that may be critical in auto safety testing

  • SAE J211, 2570 and ISO 6487 compliant
  • Industry standard
  • DC response
  • Gas damping
  • Miniature size
  • High over range protection
  • Wide measurement range up to 2000g