I am trying to use a Single Ended PE accelerometer, model <a ?q="2248''">2248, as an input to the <a ?q="6634c''">6634C amplifier and there are no details in the instruction manual for this input.


Using a Single Ended Piezoelectric (SEPE) accelerometer is considered one of the basic inputs for this amplifier. The below steps will help to configure the unit for this input type:

  1. If the internal jumpers have not been changed from the default positions, the amplifier is ready to accept the input from the accelerometer.

  2. If the default settings have been changed, please use (Figure 1) to reconfigure them to the default positions.

  3. Take time to verify these settings before connecting the SEPE unit. (This verification requires removal of the top cover to gain access to the unit's motherboard.) Simply remove the 4 screws from the top cover of the amplifier. Slip off the top cover to expose the motherboard and the jumper settings: (Figure 1) shows the default settings of each jumper. (Figure 2) shows the locations of each jumper on the motherboard. After verification/adjustment of the jumpers to the default positions, reinstall the cover and secure the screws.

  4. The rear panel of the 6643C amplifier (Figure 3) has a standard BNC input for SEPE accelerometers. The model 2248 comes with a standard accessory cable, model 3075M6 (see Figure 4), which has 10-32 connectors on each end. To connect this cable to the BNC input of the amplifier requires a special adapter; model EJ21 – as shown in (Figure 5).

  5. Connect the EJ21 and the 3075M6 cable together and connect them to the 6634C SEPE BNC connector.

  6. Apply power to the 6634C. Press the ""Input Type"" until the LED display ""SEPE"". See (Figure 6)

  7. Continue to configure the other necessary parameters on the keypad until all setups have been entered. Reference IM6634C for additional details for configuring the settings for the amplifier.