I have a filter card installed in my signal conditioner. The jumper positioning is unclear as to which low pass filtering range is selected. Can you provide guidance on this so I get the correct filtering set with my conditioner?


The 35840A is the optional LP, HP filter card option available for Endevco <a ?q="6634c''">6634C and 6634B signal conditioners. It is easiest to configure the desired filter ranges prior to installing the 35840A board.

  • If you have already installed the filter board in the signal conditioner, the W1 jumper is still accessible with needle nose pliers or thin fingers.

There are two ranges for the LP filter setting and one range for the HP filter setting.

Filter type


Jumper installation


50 to 5,000 Hz

Jumper installed across both pins of W1 location


100 to 10,000 Hz

Jumper installed across one pin of W1 location
(prevents loss of jumper, or can be removed entirely) 

5 to 500 Hz

No jumper selection


The photograph and drawings of the 35840A, below, will help you to orient the board and to access the jumper in location W1. Once you have configured the jumper for the desired LP filter range, reference instruction manual IM6634C for front-panel programming instructions to enable the filter card within the 6634C.

35840A, W1 positioning