I have a <a ?q="6634c''">6634C and a <a ?q="6917b''">6917B-200 cable. Do you have assembly instructions to add a Twin BNC connector to this cable?


The 6634C amplifier has two rear panel input connectors that utilize a Twin BNC connector: DIFF IEPE/PE and Velocity COIL/RCC.

The unique Twin BNC Connector is slightly more complicated than a standard BNC connector and the below information should be helpful in assembling this connector.

  1. Slide items 1 through 3 onto the cable, in the order as shown, per Figure 1.

  2. Trim the outer insulation back approximately 0.38"" (10 mm) from the end of the cable. See Figure 2.

  3. Trim the twisted wire's insulation approximately 0.2"" (5 mm) from the end. (If the wire gauge is such that it prevents all strands from fitting into the pin or socket for soldering, simply untwist one or two strands, carefully trimming the strands next to the insulation, then test fit the wire into the pin and socket, before and after tinning. Reference Figure 3 for a 6917B cable and remove 3 strands from each wire for a proper fit.) Tin the wire ends, after confirming the proper fit of each wire for both the socket and pin.

  4. Comb the braided shield wires so they lay straight towards the end of the cable and tapered down towards the tinned wires, forming a ""point"", see Figure 2. (This allows for the braid clamp to be installed.)

  5. Slide the braid clamp (Item 4) in place, then, fold the shield wire strands backwards to lie flat and smooth onto the braid clamp. Trim the braid evenly to fit the braid clamp.

  6. Slide the bushing (Item 5) on the cable, pressing the folded braid to the braid clamp. Install and solder the pin to the proper ""+ Signal Wire"" and ""Return Wire"" to the socket. Install the rear insulator (Item 6) and the front insulator (Item 8).

  7. Align the connector housing and front insulator and insert the assembly into the main body (Item 9). Tighten the nut, exercising CAUTION to not allow the cable and connector body to rotate while tightening.

  8. Epoxy can be added to the nut to prevent loosening. (Verify proper wiring for the signal and return wires, then check the insulation resistance before applying and curing the epoxy!)

  9. The Standard BNC connector and wiring can be ignored when only assembling a Twin BNC connector.

  10. A source for the Twin BNC connector is Amphenol, part number 031-2226.

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3"