How do I configure the AC input voltage of my accelerometer power supply to match the voltage I require? Can you provide details for a 2793?


Endevco models 2792 and 2793 function as a signal conditioner, power supply and buffer amplifier for piezoelectric accelerometers with integral or external electronics. Both have the same input voltage module and it is quite simple to change the voltage to match various AC voltage sources.

1. The AC input voltage module is located on the rear of the 2792 and 2793. Ensure the power cord is removed.

2. Using a small flat-bladed screwdriver, pry off the fuse cover from the main fuse housing (the cover has four different input voltage levels stamped on it).

3. Once the module is removed, re-orient it so that the desired input AC voltage level is lined up with the small triangle on the main fuse housing; then reinsert it into the main fuse housing. (Note that the fuse is not removed from the module; the module is simply rotated and reinserted with the desired voltage setting aligned with the small arrow.)