I recently purchased a new 2775B with filter module installed. I noticed that the connectors on the motherboard and filter module are significantly different from my older units. What has changed about this unit and the plug-in modules? Also, what support do you offer for the older 2775B units and filter modules with the blue connectors?


Due to obsolescence of the older blue-style connectors for the 2775B motherboard and mating filter module connectors had to be changed.



Model 35771 programmable filter was an optional filter used with the 2775B signal conditioner. The 2775B Signal Conditioner had an obsolete connector and the replacement connector and the replacement connector is different and no longer mates with the 35771 filter.

Model 42344 programmable filter and cable assembly correctly plugs into the 2775B signal conditioner. The filter board remains the same, except for the new connector and cable. For connector details, refer to the physical characteristics on the following page.

Filter compatibility

For customers with an existing 2775B signal conditioner wanting to purchase an optional filter, please reference the serial number of the 2775B.

1. 2775B (serial number < AN65) The signal conditioner has an obsolete connector and will not mate with the new 42344 filter. The 2775B will need to be returned to the factory for modification to accept the 42344 filter.

2. 2775B (serial number ≥ AN65) The signal conditioner is up to date and will work, as is, with the 42344 filter.


Specification for the 35771 and 42344 filters are the same:

35771 vs 42344 comparison