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Endevco is the most trusted provider of dynamic measurements solutions in the field of research, development, test and evaluation. Whether measuring mode shapes of disk drive components, lift in the wings of an experimental aircraft, package drop testing to improve product durability or the vibration level of a new hybrid energy system, we provide the most comprehensive and reliable line of transducers, cables, electronics and accessories. Endevco offers hermetically sealed design for use in extreme environmental conditions. We also offer microminiature pressure sensors and accelerometers for use in very tight space and weight sensitive applications. Our bench-top signal conditioners are user-friendly and designed to maximize the performance of instrumentation grade sensors.


HALT/HASS - Accelerometers for equipment durability testing designed for harsh testing conditions

7251HT, 7251A, 7201

Wind tunnel - Pressure sensors to detect minute aerodynamic changes in scale models and actual size test specimen

8507C, 8515C

Package Drop Test - DC shock accelerometers that can accurately capture velocity changes in drop simulation to improve packaging design

728, 727

Environmental shock & vibration testing - Rugged accelerometers designed to meet the requirements of various MIL-STD testings

7201, 2301, 7253D

Modal analysis - Versatile single or triaxial accelerometers to satisfy the most complex test requirements

45A, 44A

Sports Equipment Testing - Accelerometers used for impact testing of a variety of athletic equipment and motorcyle helmets

7264B, 757AH - 757FH, 713 - 713F

Signal Conditioning & System Verification Test - Advanced solutions to optimize system setup

48308, 4418, 133, 136