Auto Design


Endevco accelerometers and cable assemblies are used in vehicle dynamic testing of engines, exhaust systems, components and suspension systems due to their stable temperature performance and miniature packaging. Their rugged construction are most suitable for Road Load and Noise, Vibration & Harshness (NVH) applications.

Endevco has sensors for all your automotive development applications. Our IEPE accelerometers are best for vehicle dynamic testing due to their unique mounting features, such as through-hole design and low physical profile. Endevco VC accelerometers feature high stability, instant overload recovery, suited to suspension and ride quality testing.

Our PR pressure sensors are used in the testing of automotive systems such as Anti-Lock Brake Systems (ABS), transmissions, fuel and oil due to their wide frequency response and high level of output in a miniature housing, making it ideal for use in places traditionally inaccessible due to size.


Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH) - Advanced PE and IEPE accelerometers in single and triaxial configurations, meeting the needs in a wide variety of test conditions

65, 66, 7251A

Qualification Test - Miniature accelerometers perfect for component qualification

35C, 27BLPF

Road load - Low range DC accelerometers in single and triaxial configuration suitable for characterizing chassis motion and ride comfort.  6 Degree-of-Freedom sensors to measure vehicle dynamics

7290G, 773, 7360A, 770A-770F

Engine development - High temperature PE/IEPE accelerometers and MEMS pressure transducers designed for underhood applications

65HTLPF, 2220E, 8540

Modal/Chassis Design - High sensitivity triaxial IEPE accelerometers made for modal analysis

67, 44A

Transmission testing - High temperature accelerometers and pressure transducers for transmission development, perfect for measuring transient events

7250B, 8530B